• The Shakespeare Pen in Sterling Silver

    Own a stunning pen to celebrate Britain’s greatest writer, and raise money for an amazing charity click image
  • Innovative

    We are experts in creative & strategic idea generation for the future growth of your business or charity.
  • Consultancy

    We offer a range of consultancy solutions to your specific business & charity needs.
  • Commercial Relationships

    We create mutually beneficial partnerships between business & charity.

Ethical Goods offer a range of services that enable your company or charity to be more ethical, share your story & increase your bottom line.


    In a globally connected world, businesses increasingly need to be assured that their brand value is not embarrassed by their operations and supply chain.


    We recognise that being successful & having robust corporate responsibility for social & environmental matters are not mutually exclusive ideals.


    We specialise in creating exciting & mutually valuable relationships between businesses and charities. We call this cause marketing.