12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

Day 9’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – A Night-In Gift Pack

A great gift idea for families is a ‘Night-In’ gift pack made up of all the things to enjoy a cosy night in with all the family. This is not just economical but it is an opportunity to enjoy those special family moments. And in order to sustain family relationships you have to spend quality time together! That’s sustainability in action!

The gift pack can be made up of various products such as:

a. An (email) voucher to download their favourite film or a DVD (loads available in the sales).
b. A pre-prepared home cooked meal for all the family to enjoy. Use some of those great Cook books on your shelves that have been gathering dust all year and try something new!
c. A bottle of their favourite fair trade and other ethically sourced wine
d. Chocolate treats made from fair trade ingredients

Those are just a few ideas – but the best packs include things that you know the recipients will enjoy. Board games, quiz boxes and treasure hunts are just a few other ideas that can be explored. Whatever you include, they will be sure to love having everything prepared or some fresh and thoughtful ideas for time together in the midst of busy Christmas celebrations.

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