12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

Day 10’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations have become quite dull, unless you have a huge budget to spend. Tired of all of the boring baubles, mass produced stars and trinkets that have made our all our trees look like cloned catalogue creations?

Homemade decorations  can be created from materials already your home. Anyone can make decorations and even the most basic of creative efforts can prove to be a thoughtful keepsake that will make an annual appearance for years to come.This gift shows that you have taken thought and time into the creation which can take its place and create that extra bit of glamour on the Christmas tree year after year.

Cut out two bell shapes and cut a hole in one of them to make a photo frame. Put pictures of your family, of the recipients or of special places or people that mean something to you, stick together and then decorate. Shape cutting out of paper or using moulding clay that dries out and cookie cutter shapes or leftover glitter or sequins also make nice decorations. A classic is multi-coloured popcorn threaded onto a garland of string to get a retro feel to their tree, or using old photos with ribbons tied through a hole punched in the top to make a nostalgic and very simple decoration. If you are really short of ideas, just google ‘home made Christmas decorations’ and literally thousands of ideas will come right to your screen.

You’re using stuff you already have to replace things that are made on mass, many in not such sustainable ways, to help family and friends decorate their homes in a thoughtful and festive way!

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