12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

Day 11’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – Gift a Tree

Presents don’t get more sustainable than the gift of a tree! And you certainly won’t be stuck for choice either!

Fruit trees, potted plants, vegetables, Bonsai’s or herbs can be a unique and original present that your loved one can reap the benefits from. Plants not only give back to their owner they also give to the planet through a reduced carbon footprint. Growing your own gift plants avoids transport, packaging, genetic modification as well as time. Fruit trees will give back a yield year after year, whilst flowering plants or bonsai, with a bit of care will bring the garden inside all year round.

A trip to your local garden centre can be a fun day out – most have coffee shops too these days – so why not enjoy the process of choosing your tree to gift as well?! A bit of research online will tell you the ‘symbolism of trees’ and what mythological meaning your foliage has. Alternatively you can go for a potted Christmas tree that the recipients can use year after year or plant in their own garden to grow into neighbourhood feature that can be decorated every year for all to enjoy!

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