12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Day 2’s Sustainable Gift Idea is – Give an Experience

Nothing says Merry Christmas like an experience gift! If we asked you what you got for Christmas 5 years ago, we’re pretty sure few of us would remember. But almost all of us remember things we have done, especially those experiences that are out of the ordinary.

Giving the gift of tickets to a sports game, concert, play, or opera, is giving the gift of a memorable experience to someone, which is more thoughtful than a mere trinket. It can also help people get out and try something new, or take part in something they enjoy but could not afford normally. Gifts like a year-long membership to a museum van be enjoyed time and again without having to leave boxes of ‘gift-aftermath’ out on the curb.

Why’s it sustainable? Because life is for living and there is very little waste, if any, in most of the experiences we have seen online. Choose carefully and make sure your experience is kind to people and planet and save yourself the wrapping paper too!

There are loads of opportunities and experiences out there to choose from. We suggest doing a search on ‘gift experiences’ and you will be spoilt for choice! Search on ‘ethical gift experience’ and you will find a veritable cornucopia of conscience cleansing sustainable gift ideas.

Happy Experiential Christmas!

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