12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

Day 3’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea is – Make a Gingerbread House

Started many years ago in Germany, the tradition of building Gingerbread Houses became a celebratory family experience. Children, especially, were involved in the making and decoration of the houses before getting to eat them!

Today the gingerbread houses can be found just about everywhere, especially in Europe. You can even get a gingerbread house flat pack kit, found in Ikea stores!

We love this idea, or indeed making gingerbread men or shapes as a sustainable gift idea for a number of reasons. The process of cooking and decorating the house will keep you and your children and friends for hours. The more competitive of us, might want to turn it into a competition or take our building to the extreme and perhaps make an iconic building or tower block!

The best bit is that at the end of it all, after enjoying looking at the product of your efforts for a few days, the receiver of your gift can eat it! No waste, and no clutter from an unwanted Christmas present.

Happy Building!


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