12 Days of Christmas – Day 4

Day 4’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – Adopt an Apple Tree.

If you are a big supporter of local food producers why not gift your friends and family with their own apple tree for a year, this includes a farm walk and harvest day for the entire family to enjoy.

It is a fantastic way to learn about your local producers, and give them more insight in what’s involved in growing fruit. It will get them out into the countryside, where they can see for themselves how the trees are grown and the crops are harvested. They will get an experience of the rhythms of the year, with the flowering in spring and the harvest in Autumn, and even receive a newsletter to share the latest ‘apple-grower’ news and gain some insight in biodynamic farming.

It’s the perfect present for a teacher, educator, keen gardening enthusiast, foodie, Apple products fan (alot cheaper than an iPad too!), kids, older people, middle-aged people… actually pretty much anyone!

There are lot’s of these type of schemes out there but we really like the local and friendly nature of the good people at Tablehurst Orchard in East Sussex. Find out about Adopting an Apple Tree here.

Happy Christmas and a very Apple-y New year!

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