12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

Day 6’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – Virtual Gifts

The idea has been around for years but charities are great at coming up with some unique and inspiring virtual gifts for you to choose from. If you have not bought or received one before, here’s how it works:

1.You choose a gift from the charity catalogue. The gifts are something tangible that is given to people in a developing country and something that helps to change and save lives. Some typical examples are clean water, animals for livelihood and farming, education for child and so on.

2. You give a voucher to your friend, family member, colleague etc to say that you have bought them a gift but the real gift has gone to people who really need it.

3. The gift is given via a reputable charity and you and your ‘giftee’ can enjoy Christmas, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t spent money on a wasted or obsolete present and that someone has genuinely benefitted from a life-changing gift somewhere else in the world.

Most charities offer their gifts online and will give you a voucher and card to give to the person you are buying for. The vouchers and card messages are usually quite light-hearted highlighting the hope that is being given rather than the hardship of the issues that necessitate the gift.

Sustainable development in developing countries, is change that happens with the right resources and the right processes in place. Our experience shows us that is when good aid is given, money and support that help communities build a better future for themselves. When this is coupled with trade and innovative business, the impact is even more prolific.

Here are two of the gift catalogues we like best are from some of our charity partners. We also like them because of how much of the money you give goes directly to frontline work. Check these out:

The Salvation Army International Development
Send A Cow

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