12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Day 8’s Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea – Ethical Stationery

A great present to buy is a product that is linked with charity. Not only can you be sure that you get a useful, ethical product, but you also know that something good happens when you buy it.

We think a pretty great example of this can be found with Portico Designs Ethical Stationary range. Some of the great range can be found at WHSmith’s retailer or online. This great gift is not only great as a stocking filler but 25% of the profit goes to the international charity Plan UK, ensuring that children get an education. The gift is also a great way to help your own kids or teens understand some of the wider context and needs of children in other parts of our world.

So for quality, ethical and great designed stationery that makes a real difference, go to the Ethical Stationery website and place your order now!

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