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We’ve been Crowdfunder’s key charity consultancy partner since 2019, supporting their clients to fundraise for good causes

logo.png is the UK’s #1 rewards-based crowdfunding platform, where £250 million+ has been raised by thousands of businesses, social enterprises, charities, community groups, and individuals across the UK. 

We joined forces with Crowdfunder as their charity outreach partner to develop relationships with the charity sector and onboard charities to create digital fundraisers. Using the power of Crowdfunder’s new charity proposition, we help charities to foster innovation, fundraise digitally and obtain a new crowd of supporters.

Some of the projects we’ve launched include:

Innovations in fundraising


Raised £68 million

In February 2020, we launched a new Crowdfunder fundraising product into the charity sector which has helped charities avoid paying costly platform fees, freeing up more budget to be spent where it matters – with their beneficiaries. 

The new product was put to good use in the first national lockdown when we ran a campaign for National Emergencies Trust through their DoWhatYouCan website, powered by Crowdfunder. 

 Distributed through 40+ community foundations

Breaking World Records

To help entertain the masses and raise money for NET, we broke a Guinness World Record for the World’s Biggest Virtual Pub Quiz. The event included some of the biggest names in UK comedy, raised £32,000 and reached 21 million eyeballs globally.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 17.00.50.png

Raised £32,000

Reached 21 million people globally

Shining a Light on Social Justice

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 11.56.13.png

In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd, we created a Black Lives Matter campaign that raised over £171,000 for black-led organisations striving for change.

Raised over £171,000 

Helping a Sector in Crisis

We witnessed the impact of Covid-19 on the Arts sector and responded by setting up a #SaveOurTheatres campaign that raised over
£1.7m for 85 individual theatres across the UK.


We also created the #SaveOurBrassBands campaign, raising over £147k for 73 struggling brass bands.


Totalling over £1.5 million 

Providing Solutions to Social Problems

Partnering with The Trussell Trust, FareShare and Oasis, we launched a national campaign to help fight food poverty and support the #14MillionPeople in the UK struggling to afford to eat. 75 food banks and food poverty charities joined the campaign raising over £1.4m in total.


Food poverty activist and footballing legend, Marcus Rashford MBE, kindly showed his support by donating two pairs of his exclusive football boots as prizes in a unique Crowdfunder prize draw.


Raised over £1 million 

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